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An Ode to Taj Mahal by: Dr Shihab Ghanem


An Ode to Taj Mahal by: Dr Shihab Ghanem

To what shall I compare this beauty?
Where art has achieved perfection
Surpassing in creativity all dreams
Embodying the ultimate.
* * * * *
Do I see in you a tomb or a palace?
Shining like a crown on the head of Agra,
Adding magic to the full moon in the azure sky,
Breathing poetry in the ears of the universe.
* * * * *
Relating a tale of beauty, expired in her prime,
After living protected luxury
Oh woe for the catastrophe of Shah Jahan!
For death has extinguished the light of the Mahal.
* * * * *
How can he express his devastating grief?
How can he retrieve that treasure lost under the dust?
Can he create a replicate beauty
Cast in the durable marble of those domes?
* * * * *

Ah! For the hands of love!
They have created a beauty ...

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വിവേകാനന്ദ സ്മൃതി

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 vivekananda_Smrithi (pdf)

V.S. Bhasakara Panicker (85), retired Postal Superintendent, Government of India, a known literary figure of Kerala, has served as the General Secretary of Akhila Bharata Ayyappa Seva Sangham during his early years. Mr. Panicker authored more than 400 poems which were published in the leading Malayalam periodicals.  A collection of these poems titled “Ee Manninte Geetangal” was published by Kurukshethra Publications in 2006. Mr. Panicker has also published “Shatakas” on respectable personalities of India.  A treatise on Indian aesthetics comprising Natya Shastra, Nataka Shastra and Kavya Shastra, is published on the famous dance portal Narthaki...

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Life is now Un-just like that

by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Weak oppressed

Innocent convicted

Justice jeopardized

Un-just like that


Mighty magnified

Guilty glorified

Tyranny touted

Un-just like that


Able abashed

Modest molested

Righteous rattled

Un-just like that


Undeserving upgraded

Dirty delighted

Wicked wowed

Un-just like that


Right put to test

Wrong done for jest

Love hijacked by lust

Un-just like that


Truth lost it’s friends

Peace become unknown

Art’s become an intel*’ fart

Life’s fest today, o Jaihoon-

Un-just like that!

(Mujeeb Jaihoon, a Sharjah-based writer, has published several books on mystic themes and contemporary issues.


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Bliss and Misery

By  Gouri Lekshmi Hari

Blissful was the heart soothing moonlight

Blissful was the night’s eternal beauty

After the wear and tear of the day

After the twitter and cackle of birds,

Blissful was the solitude

Blissful was the night sky

But, on earth nothing but misery survived

Bloodshed and tears!

Agony and fear!

Who is the cause?

The only answer – MAN

Revenge and hatred has made him blind!

Knowledge and power has made him a fool!

Amidst all this bloodshed and agony

Amidst this scene of bliss and misery

Stands man ashamed all the deeds he did

To conquer his selfish dreams!




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Hello world!

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