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Travancore Royal Family

Interview visuals of Sri Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma (born 22 March 1922- is the present titular Maharaja of Travancore since 1991 and head of the Travancore Royal Family) by Doordarshan.The history of Travancore begins with Marthanda Varma who inherited the kingdom of Venad, and expanded it into Travancore during his reign 1729– 1758. The rulers of Travancore were Malayala Kshatriyas belonging to Samanthan Nair caste.[10][11] The Samanthan Nairs (Nambiars, Adiyodees, Pillai, Kurups etc.) followed a matrilineal system of inheritance known as “Marumakkathayam”.in Travancore (and in Malabar and Kochi), the social status and freedom of women were high...

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Travancore Maharaja on Temple Treasure

What will become of the treasure worth one lakh crores that’s been discovered at Kerala’s Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple? The Maharaja of Travencore, who heads the trust that manages the temple, says that the wealth belongs to the Lord. He also believes that some of it should be used carefully for humanitarian purposes like improving schools and hospitals.

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Sir CP Ramaswamy Aiyer’s Resignation from Travancore

After the Independence Travancore Diwan Sir CP Ramaswamy Aiyer declared “Swathantra thiruvithancore” or an independent state of Travancore. A state wide campaign was conducted against this. CP imposes martial law . A group of left progressive youngsters made a plot to assassinate Diwan, a dedicated brahmin took this challenge and here Mr. K Sudhakaran Nair ( 83) who is a Retd. teacher narrates those days from his memory, with Boolokam Online.

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Part 2

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