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Living Memory of His Highness Uthradom Tirunal Marthanda Varma

Living Memory of His Highness Uthradom Tirunal Marthanda Varma.

Prepared by


Daies Idiculla

General Secretary,

Travancore Malayalee Council


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Travancore History Documentary

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Travancore National Anthem





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Travancore Royal Family

Interview visuals of Sri Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma (born 22 March 1922- is the present titular Maharaja of Travancore since 1991 and head of the Travancore Royal Family) by Doordarshan.The history of Travancore begins with Marthanda Varma who inherited the kingdom of Venad, and expanded it into Travancore during his reign 1729– 1758. The rulers of Travancore were Malayala Kshatriyas belonging to Samanthan Nair caste.[10][11] The Samanthan Nairs (Nambiars, Adiyodees, Pillai, Kurups etc.) followed a matrilineal system of inheritance known as “Marumakkathayam”.in Travancore (and in Malabar and Kochi), the social status and freedom of women were high...

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Travancore – Introduction



Travancore was a former Hindu feudal kingdom (1729-1858) and Indian Princely State (1858-1947) with its capital at Padmanabhapuram or Trivandrum ruled by the Travancore Royal Family. The Kingdom of Travancore comprised most of modern day southern Kerala, Kanyakumari district, and the southernmost parts of Tamil Nadu. The state’s flag was red with a silver, dextrally-coiled, sacred conch shell (Turbinella pyrum). Its ruler was accorded a 19-gun salute by the British Empire.

King Marthanda Varma (1729-1758) is usually credited as the “founder of Kingdom of Travancore” from the feudal kingdom of Venad. The rulers of Venad trace their relations back to the Ay kingdom and the Later Chera kingdom...

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Genealogical Tree of Travancore Royal Family

Part I : Four Rulers of Travancore in the 9’th & 10’th centuries A.D.

1)  H.H. Aiyanatikal Tiruvati – (870 – 890 A.D)

2)  H.H. Ramar Tiruvati (Rama Varma I) – (890 – 910 A.D)

3)  H.H. Vallabhakotai (Goda Varma I) – (910 – 975 A.D)

4)  H.H. Govardhana Marthanda (Marthanda Varma I) – (975 – 1030 A.D)

Part II : Rulers of Travancore from 1110 – 1320 A.D

5)   H.H. Ramar Tiruvati (Rama Varma II) – (1110 – 1115 A.D)

6)   H.H. Vira Kerala Varma (Kerala Varma I) – (1115 – 1140 A.D)

7)   H.H. Vira Goda Kerala Varma (Kerala Varma II) – (1140 – 1150 A.D)

8)   H.H. Vira Ravi Varma (Ravi Varma I) – (1150 – 1164 A.D)

9)   H.H. Vira Aditya Varma (Aditya Varma I) – (1164 – 1177 A.D)

10) H.H. Vira Udaya Marthanda Alias Goda Marthanda Varma (Marthanda Varma II) – (1177 – 1195 A.D)

11) H.H...

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