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Akshara Slokam (അക്ഷര ശ്ലോകം)

Introduction : Akshara Slokam (അക്ഷര ശ്ലോകം) is a traditional way of Sloka chanting, a poetic entertainment developed in the Malayalam (മലയാളം) language of Kerala, India. It is in a classical format with strict rules on the meter of quatrains called slokas or mukthaka. A number of scholars sit to recite either Sanskrit or Malayalm slokas ( with more than eight letters in a line ). Once the recitation is started the next one in the turn has to recite a sloka having the first letter of the third line of the previous sloka.

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Slokams 1-500   –  Slokams 501-1000  –   Slokams 1001-1500 –  Slokams 1501-2000  – Slokams 2001-2500

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