Life is now Un-just like that

by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Weak oppressed

Innocent convicted

Justice jeopardized

Un-just like that


Mighty magnified

Guilty glorified

Tyranny touted

Un-just like that


Able abashed

Modest molested

Righteous rattled

Un-just like that


Undeserving upgraded

Dirty delighted

Wicked wowed

Un-just like that


Right put to test

Wrong done for jest

Love hijacked by lust

Un-just like that


Truth lost it’s friends

Peace become unknown

Art’s become an intel*’ fart

Life’s fest today, o Jaihoon-

Un-just like that!

(Mujeeb Jaihoon, a Sharjah-based writer, has published several books on mystic themes and contemporary issues.


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