Sri. Padmanabha swamy Temple Arattu

Richest temple in the world : Sri Padmanabha swamy temple situated in the heart of Kerala’s capital, Trivandrum, This temple belongs to the royal family of Travancore kings,.The temple is a massive stone structure built way back in the time of Marthanda varma, who ruled Travancore. The holy bath to the deity is known as “ARATU”, the idols are taken out on pallak and and carried by the the priests on their shoulders to far off beach Shankgumukhom. And after holy dip the idols r taken back. A huge crowd always present to watch the arattu procession . its a major tourist attraction and remains of royal time. Now Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple is world famous for the temple treasure found from there and is now known as the Richest temple in the world.

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