Travancore Royal Family

Interview visuals of Sri Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma (born 22 March 1922- is the present titular Maharaja of Travancore since 1991 and head of the Travancore Royal Family) by Doordarshan.The history of Travancore begins with Marthanda Varma who inherited the kingdom of Venad, and expanded it into Travancore during his reign 1729– 1758. The rulers of Travancore were Malayala Kshatriyas belonging to Samanthan Nair caste.[10][11] The Samanthan Nairs (Nambiars, Adiyodees, Pillai, Kurups etc.) followed a matrilineal system of inheritance known as “Marumakkathayam”.in Travancore (and in Malabar and Kochi), the social status and freedom of women were high. In many communities, the daughters (not the sons) inherited the property right up to 1925, were educated, and had the right to divorce and remarry.Travancore was also characterized by the popularity of its rulers. When the Kings of Travancore ‘declared themselves as servants of Lord Vishnu and ruled His State according to His wishes’ it was not a mere lip service. The Kings of Travancore, unlike their counter-parts in the other Princely States of India, utilized only a small portion of their State’s resources for their personal use.All members of the ruling family receive two names, an official personal name and a name associated with the star under which they are born. The latter usually end with the suffix Tirunal.The last ruler of Travancore was Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma AD 1931–1949. He made the temple entry proclamation on 12 November 1936, which opened all the Kshetrams (Hindu temples in Kerala) in Travancore to all Hindus, a privilege reserved to only upper caste Hindus till then. This act won him praise from across India, most notably from Mahatma Gandhi.Thiruvananthapuram Doordarshan’s OnamSpecial program visuals,telecast on Tuesday, August 24, 2010.Edited for YouTube. Unwanted audio recorded during my capture is regretted.

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