Environmental Protection


Dr K T Ashraf
By Dr K T Ashraf

General Manager, Wayanad Bio Garden

(Dr KT Ashraf is well known educationist in Kerala, residing at Muttil , Wayanad. He was the chief coordinator of “vijayabheri” education quality improvement project implemented by kerala education dept. at present he is one of the members of state education planning body, Thiruvananthapuram).

Environmental protection is an increasingly pressing issue all over the world. Ozone depletion, green house effect, global climate changes or global warming, etc, are the main
About environmental issue, we could not deny it is unrealistic to expect individual nations to make, independently, the sacrifices necessary to prevent environment changes. International leadership and worldwide cooperation are essential if we expect to protect the world for the future generations.issues in environment. Recent years, many countries and various organizations have paid more attention into environmental protection. Some pacts and protocols have been delivered. A treaty about global environmental protection had been discussed by 192 nations in Copenhagen in December 2011.


International leadership and worldwide cooperation have made great achievements in the protection of global environment. One of the best examples is OPEC. OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, is an international organization of eleven developing countries that are heavily depended on oil revenues as their main sources of income. Since oil revenues are vital to the economics development of these nations, they aim to bring stability and harmony to the oil market by adjusting their oil output to make sure a balance between

supply and demand. In the long run, this stability and harmony help to cease the problem of over-refining and over utilization of precious oil energy.

Environmental protection means that human beings consciously protect and reasonably make use of natural resources and prevent natural environment from pollution and destruction; to the environment that has been polluted and destroyed comprehensive management measures have to be taken to create an environment suitable for human life and work. Meanwhile, environment protection has the meaning of the general terms of all kinds of actions taken by human in order to solve the practical or potential environmental issues, coordinate the relationship between human and environment, and ensure a sustainable economic and social development. To achieve this, we need

To control the environmental pollution resulted from production and life activity includes controllin

g the” three wastes”(waste water, waste gas, waste residues), dust and radioactive substance as well as noise, vibration, rancidity and electromagnetic radiation resulted from industrial production.

To prevent environmental damage caused by the construction and development activities includes the prevention of environmental pollution and destruction caused by large-scale water conservancy, railways, highways, major ports, airports and large industrial projects and other projects.

To prevent the destruction and influence of land reclamation and reclaiming land from lakes and the development of offshore oil field, coastal zones and wetlands, forest and mineral resources. To prevent the environmental damage, pollution and impact of the new industrial area, new construction of urban settings etc..

Protection of special value to the natural environment includes protecting rare species and their living environment, the natural history of specific sites, geological phenomena and landscape. Besides, the content of environmental protection also includes urban and rural planning, control of water and soil loss as well as desertification, forest planting, rational distribution of productive forces.

Environmental protection has become the world’s governments` and people`s common action and the main tasks. Countries have formulated and promulgated a series of environmental protection laws and regulations to ensure its implementation. The content of environment protection includes the earth protection, the outer space protection, the maintenance of living environment, land (terrain, landform, etc.), atmosphere, water, organism( human being, forest-plant, animal, etc.), sunshine, the totality of natural and artificial outer world, nature and cultural heritage.

Have we ever thought, our home state Kerala, God’s Own Country, would feel thirsty for water like of today? We are running in the final lap and this is the last chance to take some serious decision, individually and collectively. Change should begin at home.

As a collective effort wayanad bio garden promotes environment protection in all its forms (Aqua, Land, Space, animals). You can also be a part of this unique endeavor that carries out our responsibility and at the same time makes a steady & sustainable earning out of it. Please visit www.wayanadbiogarden.org for more information and join hands with us..!


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